Montréal Bagel N Blues is delighted to have you again
for its 11th year 

Registrations are closed. The full pass will be available at the door.

This year, the Bagel team has in store for you:

5 tracks of workshops with la crème de la crème of teachers, including a teacher’s track,
4 social dance nights, amazing bands & Djs,
An alternative Fusion room & an open Dj booth Sunday night,
An all you can dance buffet and all the bagels you can handle!

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MBB cartoon

We care about your safety and comfort. If anyone (regardless who) is making you uncomfortable, please come tell a staff member or volunteer.

As a private event, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if they are disrupting the event, the enjoyment of our attendees or any other reason that we deem reasonable.