The Team

Javiera “Bagel Babe”

Head Organizer, Housing coordinator, booking


Josianne “Bagel Deluxe”

Volunteer Coordinator

josiane precious bagel

Debbie “Bodacious Retro Bagel”


Debbie aka Retro Bagel

Alexandre  “Bagel Bling B-Boy”

Costco connection, band’s one handy man


Sapo “Everybody’s Bagel B-Yatch”

Music coordinator

Bagel B-yatch

Any questions  ?

Get in touch here :
or here: Facebook event page


7 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Jan Marie

    This “Team” page is the best one on this website. You guys are hilarious. Can’t wait to see you all again soon! 😀

  2. Gabrielle

    Hi, this looks awesome. Just wondering if there is billeting and opportunities to perform small solos at the dances.


  3. canucklibrarian

    There definitely will be billeting. The registration form will ask if you need housing and any special conditions (like allergies, etc.)

    And, I’ve emailed regarding your second question.

  4. Jill Grant

    Is the map for Cat’s Corner an old address? (it shows it on saint Catherine not St Laurent)
    Are there recommended hotels near the venue?

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